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Why do baseball players use wooden bats?

Wood Baseball Bats

The equipment used by players in any game decides the way of a game. Imagine a tennis game played with wooden racquets 30 years ago. Now change the equipment, and you will discover a different game.

In baseball, the tools of the game are a bat, gloves, and a ball. The most offensive weapon is a bat because it scored runs. Perhaps, it is the most visible and crucial tool in baseball. The stunning change occurs in the history of baseball when aluminum bats appear in the 1970s. These bats made up of aluminum tubes. These bats were a metal copy of wooden bats.

The main differences between wooden and aluminum bats are:

  • Aluminum bats are very thin and light in weight
  • They create a phenomenon called trampoline effect
  • Aluminum bats can swing faster than a wooden bat

However, with all of the differences wooden bats are preferred in baseball. The main reason behind it the performance difference. The pro league wants the results of the game based on human ability instead of the technology of the bat. That’s why wooden bats are used to keep the historical records.

Wood Baseball Bats


Major league baseball doesn’t allow their players to use metal bats instead of wooden. The risks behind using aluminum or any other bat are they might hurt someone. Furthermore, there is also the possibility of death hurting by a metal bat. That’s why by using wooden bats the risk become minimal.

Wooden bats allow you more safety to defend as compare to metal bats. When you hit the ball with the wooden bat, you can develop a better approach and mechanics. Fortunately, standards of baseball bats have been implemented.

Hence, the safety of the professional players in any game is more important. No one wants to risk his life for every time going to play.

BESR standards

Metal bats are used in school, college or little leagues. Anyhow, they are illegal in major leagues. The main reason behind that is the velocity of the ball known as Bat-exit speed. According to the founder of the National Institute of Sports Science and Safety, Richard Greenwald;

The exit speed combines the swing speed and elastic properties of a bat.

BESR or bat exit speed ratio has adopted the current standard by NCAA. The NCAA standards limit a bat’s moment of inertia and minimum weight. Both the factors affect the swing speed.


The metal bats are very light in weight. It means that you can swing them with more speed than the wooden bats. Metal bats make it easier to the get the pitches faster.

The wooden bats take more skills due to their heavy weight and slow swing. Plus, there are few sweet spots on the wooden ball. You have to work on the swing to make right contact with the ball. Ultimately, wooden bats make players target the victory lap.

Besides, the baseball professionals should succeed on athletic talent and good coaching instead of the technology improvements. Although metal bats are used in colleges, I believe they should use wooden bats. The benefit of a wooden bat is that they will be prepared for the professional baseball team.

MLB and wooden bats

The biggest reason behind still using wooden bats is the science of hitting the ball. Any player who enters in Major League Baseball will notice a significant change in their playing abilities. Their batting averages would also decrease. This does not mean that minor leaguers are bad players. The underlying reason for this is the wooden bat.

Aluminum and composite bats allow players to hit farther. When these young players shift to wooden bats, their batting averages decrease. It happens due to the lack of the extra push which metal bats provide.

For Major League Baseball the history is more important. Today’s players have many advantages including physical training and basic saber-metrics. It gives the players knowledge and power to out-hit the golden age players of baseball. However, if you add the technology bats, all hitting record will be smashed. That’s the reason that the MLB players always have to use the best wooden bats.


Everyone who has the interest in baseball knows that it’s a game of picky rules. The Pickiest rule involves the bat in Major League Baseball. Therefore, the bat must be made of “solid wood.” Wooden bats are cheaper as compared to other bats for the manufacturing process. Thus, in case of any breakage, it is easy to replace. A wooden bat is more cost effective.

Typically, wooden bats are made of maple or ash. So, if you broke 3 to 4 bats in a year, the cost will be equal to one composite or metal bat.


Baseball is the favorite past-time of many folks. This sport is also known for keeping the tradition. For example, relying on human umpires to strikes and call balls, even when technology could take the place of umpire easily.

The other reason is to keep the accuracy of records. If the players switched to aluminum bats, then the hitting records of all kinds get broken. Nowadays players have already many advantages over the early players. To keep this game consistent the bats should be made of the solid wood. Furthermore, wooden bats are always used in baseball history. To keep the tradition going solid wooden bats will still be a good option.


Another reason for using wooden bats is they are more substantial than metal ones. Aluminum bats are too light for playing in a league. Wooden bats sound and feel different or better than aluminum bats.  As we already discuss, the lighter bats make swing easier. The professional players can hit a pitch easily without any efforts.

The ever-increasing performance of these bats affects the game. The results of hitting by lighter bats the ball travel faster. That’s why they decrease the human ability.


Wooden bats are the way of future. It’s difficult to find a “sweet spot,” but when a hitter finds it, their trajectory and distance become unbeatable. Despite this fact that MLB only allows wooden bats, these bats are crafted with specific dimensions.

The other most important reason is that wooden bats are safer as compared to others. After all the most important is the Safety of players. Anyone does not want to see their favorite professional baseball players get hurt. Wooden bats allow more safety than any other bats.

The last but not the least fact is games are played to increase the human stamina and ability. By using technology bats, these abilities diminish. That’s why wooden bats are a cheaper, affordable, and traditional option for baseball players.


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