Yoan Moncada: one part super star, one part mystery

Posted on Mar 14 2015 - 10:41am by Tyler Scionti

Yoan Moncada:

  • He says he’s 19 but has the body of a 28 year old.
  • He’s rumored to be married and even a father.
  • And most importantly he wants to stick to his natural position: second base.

He is the most interesting man in the world.

Seriously though there is a ton of hype but also plenty of question marks surrounding the Sox’s new infielder. At 19 years old Moncada already has two seasons of pro ball under his belt in Cuba and has demonstrated an above average ability at the plate and in the field. Then there’s also the fact that we pretty much know absolutely nothing about him.

Moncada was introduced the other day as the Sox made the signing official: a $31.5 million signing bonus for a kid who if he was born in the US would probably be worrying about his calc midterm right about now. Sox GM Ben Cherington looks like a kid who woke up to find a Red Rider BB Gun on Christmas morning as he unveiled the Sox’s new top prospect to the public.

“He’s got a really unique combination of skills — great athlete, speed, switch hitter with power from both sides of the plate, defensive skills,” Cherington said. “He’s an athlete with the ability to play multiple positions if he had to, but he’s a natural second baseman.”

OK I get it, we know that Moncada is the real deal, we know he’ll be good in the MLB. But what about aside from that? WHo is Yoan Moncada when the lights go off and the camera stops recording?

What we do know is that Moncada’s de facto father figure David Hastings, a CPA, negotiated the deal for the young Cuban and that Moncada pledges his undying appreciation for what Hastings has done.

“Ever since I was able to come over here, he’s been tremendous with me,” Moncada said. “He’s been sincere and respectful. He’s really given me the care that a father would, just like my father back in Cuba.”

We also “know” that Moncada may be romantically involved with a USA based sports agent, and that the Cuban government while relaxing its restrictions has allowed citizens to leave for the US if they are married rather than defect. Oh yeah and said sports agent recently had a kid which may or may not be Moncada.

Bottom line: who the heck is Yoan Moncada? He didn’t just plop down here from some baseball-player planet, he has a story and if I know anything about playing in Boston it’s that you can’t just keep everything under the rug. For now Moncada is expected to play in low-Single A Greenville and rise up the ranks from there. He’s just 19 so he has a few years before he’ll break into the MLB, I just hope he knows that that it won’t be at second given that we have a Hall of Famer in the making already there.

For now though Moncada is living in the present focusing on starting his new life in America and hopefully breaking into the MLB soon.

“I’m just really looking forward to getting back on the field and playing baseball because I’ve gone so long since I’ve actually been able to just to go out and play,” Moncada said. “I’m looking forward for the opportunity of just being with this organization and very thankful to everyone with the Red Sox who made that possible.”