Yankees desperately trying to be relevant on Twitter

Posted on Feb 9 2016 - 12:25pm by Tyler Scionti


New York Yankees v Texas Rangers, Game 6This is just plain adorable.

Really it is; the New York Yankees–the overnight joke of the MLB–are trying to appear relevant and, dare I say it, edgy online.


Really? This is almost as ham-handed as Subway Squakwers’ attempts to pick fights with us!

2 edgy 4 me guys….

Let’s face it, the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry peaked when Jason Varitek fed A-Roid his catcher’s mitt. Since then it’s been nothing more than two rich kids saying how their dads could beat each other up while attempting to b*tch slap each other like a couple of grade school girls.

The bottom line is that the rivalry is non existent.

Things notched up a bit in 2013 when Mike Napoli rounded the bases on a homer yelling “he’s such an idiot” AND when Ryan Dempster used Rodriguez as a personal bullseye but since it’s just been meh. There’s no hatred, no vitriol–the whole thing is about as caustic and heart pounding as a 99 year old’s birthday party.

Now I try to do my part, I really do. I write mean and degrading posts about Yankee fans, I call names, I use insults that, if I were actually important, might get me sued but we all have to be in this together. So Red Sox fans and Yankee fans alike, let’s dig up the hatchet, fire up our torches and really hate each other again. What do you say Red Sox Nation? Can we really do it? Can we find it in ourselves to hate another fanbase as passionately as we used to?

If not for me, do it for the kids who need a reason to love baseball again.