Writing and Editorial

Noah Levick: Sr. Editor 

My name is Noah Levick, and I’m a Junior at Bates College. Bio Pic

I’m an absolutely diehard Phillies fan, and consider the final out of the 2008 World Series one of the best moments of my life. Growing up in Narberth, PA, a few miles outside Philly, I’m also an obsessive Sixers and Eagles fan despite the disappointing lack of postseason success. Finally, I’m a proud fan of Hull City, a team with the kind of heart and passion that originally made me fall in love with sports.

As you might expect, I love writing as well. I’ll be the Managing Sports Editor next year for the Bates Student, and I enjoy writing short fiction. I’m also a member of the Brooks Quimby Debate Council, which has provided me with some great opportunities to travel around the country debating. My infatuation with words also extends to rapping, as evidenced by my undefeated record in freestyle rap battles.

I’m enjoying the chance to write about the Sox, my temporarily adopted American League team, and I hope you enjoy reading Monstah Mash!

 Clint Chandler: Jr. Editor, Writer
Hello, fellow Red Sox fans! My name is Clint Chandler and I graduated from Florida State University in 2013 imagewith a bachelor’s in Editing, Writing, and Media.
Growing up, I never paid much attention to baseball because I played and loved to watch basketball, as well as passionately cheer on Seminoles football every fall, but it wasn’t until I visited family in Massachusetts when my cousin was playing in the Cape Cod League for the Orleans Cardinals that I realized how much the game of baseball and the Red Sox meant to the state. During that trip, my father’s uncle asked me what baseball team I root for, in which I replied, “I guess the Red Sox.” Upon arriving back home in Florida, I intently watched the remainder of the 2003 season and quickly learned the heartache that comes with being a Sox fan, as I watched Aaron Boone launch Tim Wakefield’s pitch into the stands at Yankee Stadium, where the pinstripes once again defeated the “lovable losers” in Boston (sorry for the unpleasant memories). Despite receiving a taste of miserable defeat, I knew I wanted to be a dedicated Red Sox fan and I’ve been feverishly passionate about them since.
I could not be more excited to be a part of the Monstah Mash team. As much as I enjoy writing – especially about the Sox – I’m looking forward to connecting with passionate fans across Red Sox Nation and making them an intricate part of the site. Go Sox!

John Morton: Staff writer140202-123532

My name is John Morton and I am a graduate from The College of the Holy Cross where I studied English and Political Science.

I am originally from Quincy, Massachusetts and I have been a life-long Red Sox fan. When I was younger, my favorite Red Sox player was Nomar Garciaparra, but as I got older my favorite player has become Dustin Pedroia. I played second base when I played baseball and he plays with heart and grit every time he steps on to the field.  I am usually able to attend one to two Red Sox games every summer and the atmosphere at Fenway Park is unlike any other Major League ballpark that I have been to.

Last summer, I had the opportunity to work for other Boston sports team, the Boston Bruins. I interned with the team while they marched to the Stanley Cup Final against the Chicago Blackhawks. The writing skills I learned while interning with the Bruins has certainly carried over into writing for Monstah Mash.

It has been a great pleasure to work for this website and I hope that it can continue to grow in the future. Go Sox!

Joe MacDonald: Staff writer

JoeMacDonaldI’m Joe MacDonald, Middlebury College 2016 and full-time fantasy baseball player. 

I graduated from Groton School in 2012 where I played football, basketball and baseball. I’ve continued my baseball career at Middlebury where I play third base for the Panthers. I’ve become involved in sports media around Middlebury over the past year. I am a sports editor for the Middlebury Campus, a contributor to the annual Middlebury Sports Magazine, a broadcaster for basketball games and have contributed to the now defunct Middlebury football and basketball blog PantherNation.

I’m also the co-founder of the NESCAC football, basketball and baseball blog Nothing but NESCAC, the only medium for league-wide sports coverage in the NESCAC.

Over the course of six seasons in the prestigious Groton School Varsity Fantasy Baseball League I have claimed one championship, which is still the proudest moment of my life.


Nick Piccione: Staff Writer

My name is Nick Piccione and I’m a sophomore at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA.10614376_1006146279399856_1452996465499415523_n

I was born and raised a diehard Boston sports fan, but my highest allegiance has always been to the Red Sox. One of the best moments of my life was sitting the right field grandstands at Fenway Park in 2008 and watching Jon Lester strikeout Alberto Callaspo in the bottom of the ninth to complete his no-hitter. I played baseball for my town until I was 16. I graduated from Boston College High School in 2013 and enrolled at Holy Cross that fall.

I’m an amateur writer, but a professional Masshole. I’ve always had my outlandish sports opinions, but until recently I didn’t have a platform from which to deliver them. Before Monstah Mash I had never held a writing position in any facet, sports related or otherwise. So when Tyler approached me in October about writing for his website, I couldn’t wait to get started. Now, on top of regular writing duties, I have my own column on the site, The Back Row with the Bleacher Creature.

It’s been great working here, and I look forward to the rest of my time with the Monstah Mash!

Jared Zaworski: Staff Writer

My name is Jared Zaworski, and I’m a student at Florida Southwestern State College in Ft Myers Florida.unnamed

Ft Myers is the spring training home of our beloved Red Sox, and that’s where my infatuation with the team began. I attend multiple spring games annually. My family on my Moms side all hail from the commonwealth of Massachusetts, so I also get the opportunity to visit Fenway Park when I vacation in the summer. I’m a baseball purist, but I’m also a die-hard Florida State Seminoles football fan a Uconn men’s basketball aficionado.

I’ve played baseball my entire life, growing up in south-west Florida I have had the opportunity to play against some impressive competition in high school, including Eric Hosmer of the Royals and  Mike Zunino of the Mariners. Sports writing has always been my passion so I recently started my own sports blog,https://jzaworski1.wordpress.com/  I’m also a team correspondent for the Red Sox covering fantasy baseball for Fantasypros.com.

When Tyler approached me about contributing to the site it was a no-brainer, I can’t wait to help Monstah Mash expand as a premier Red Sox site as I continue to develop my writing skills.

Satoshi Shimayoshi: Staff Writer

Hello, all. I am Satoshi Shimayoshi, and currently a student of Bates College.IMG_5550

I am from Takarazuka, Japan, andI lived there more than 20 years. Apparently I am less familiar with MLB compared to other editors and many readers, but I really like baseball. I used to play baseball in primary school and middle school although after high school, I changed my position from the “diamond” to the “stand”.

Again, I am a big fan of baseball, and really happy to be a part of Monstah Mash team. I will do my best to give you interesting articles.

I hope you enjoy the articles!

Greg Gisolfi: Staff Writer

Hi Sox fans! My name is Greg Gisolfi. I’m currently a student at Norwalk hall photoCommunity College, where I transferred to from Fairfield University. I’m a double major in Media Studies and English. I was born in New Haven, Connecticut and was raised in a torn family of Mets and Red Sox fans. While the Red Sox won my allegiance in the late 90’s, I still have a soft spot for the Mets as a National League team. My favorite players growing up were Jason Varitek, Mike Piazza and Pedro Martinez. I’m also a fan of the Patriots, Bruins and Celtics. I’m a Green Bay Packers shareholder as well.

I played baseball up until High School, where I realized I wasn’t very good at playing. That’s when I got into writing about baseball, and here I am. Outside of baseball, I’m a huge fan of fishing, cooking, hot weather, beaches, movies and playing saxophone.

Baseball will always have my heart, though. I get very emotional about it, and love sharing my opinions about it, especially when it comes to the Sox. I’m very passionate about the Sox and I think it translates to the page! I hope you enjoy not only my articles, but all the articles here on Monstah Mash!

Sean Agranov: Staff WriterIMG_0681

Hi, I’m Sean Agranov, Yes, I’m older than many of the other writers here at Mostah-Mash. As a life long Red Sox fan, I remember when Sam Horn was a rookie. I blame Bob Stanley and his wild pitch instead of Bill Buckner in 1986 and can say with pride that Bucky F$%#@$ Dent made me cry as a child. I currently live in Maryland with my wife and daughter, working in my day job down the street from Camden Yards where I saw Hideki Nomo throw a no hitter (yes, I can say I saw Nomo throw a no-no).

Besides being a Red sox fan, I’ve also been playing fantasy baseball since I was in high school in Massachusetts, originally playing via snail mail via a Bill James Classic league cause Al Gore hadn’t invented the internet yet. To this day, I still am an active owner a few dynasty leagues with very deep minors. As many dynasty league owners do, I love following prospects. Eventually I even started writing on a few now defunct websites about fantasy baseball. I gave up writing for a few years until now joining the Monstah-Mash team where I can now write about two of my favorite things the Red Sox and prospects. Feel free to follow me on twitter @SeanJAgranov where I’m happy to talk Red Sox, dynasty leagues or my third love, craft beer.

Xander Clarke: Staff Writerimage1

Hi, I’m Xander! I’m 14 and an eight grader in Portland, Oregon.

I’m a huge baseball fan and want to travel to all 30 ballparks in my lifetime. No matter how good or bad I will always love the Red Sox and always look up to David Ortiz. I love baseball and baseball is my life; I play baseball year round except I play basketball for Poynter Middle School in the Winter.

I enjoy writing for Monstah Mash and I’m really glad I got the opportunity to do it!

Amanda Frye: Staff Writer11947616_10206162840924581_4096676134563958152_n
I’m Amanda Frye.  I currently attend UMass Boston and I’m in my senior year.

At UMass, I study theatre arts and communication, so therefore, I write a lot.  I guess it’s a natural thing for me.  I focus on screen-writing and have for about two years now, so getting back into journalism was definitely an adjustment for me!  Previous to UMass, I studied in Pittsburgh for a year as a Broadcast Journalism major.  Going to Pittsburgh was the first time I wasn’t surrounded by Boston everything, and it was pretty eye opening to see another baseball culture besides the one I was used to.  I am a frequent traveler however, so whenever I’m in another city for a good amount of time, I try to incorporate something Boston in my experience (like going to a Red Sox or something similar).

I grew up with a die-hard Boston everything family.  As a little kid, probably since I was 5 years old, I remember me and grandparents would watch the Sox almost every night and my nana’s favorite player was Nomar Garciaparra, so of course he became mine and that’s where my passion for the Sox began.

I’m always open to do things outside of the theatre world so I”m really happy to have the opportunity to write for Monstah Mash!

Austin Johnson: Staff Writerunnamed
Hi I’m Austin Johnson!

I’m  a full time college student currently enrolled at Notre Dame College studying English. I have worked for several different media outlets including the Notre Dame News which where I currently write for.

Though I currently live in Ohio I’m happy to adopt the Sox as a new favorite team as I write for Monstah Mash.