Werner reveals motives for ousting Orsillo

Posted on Aug 30 2015 - 5:58pm by Tyler Scionti


The Sox brass have been quiet on the issue of Don Orillo, but now that they have become a bit more outspoken there are no surprises.

They are, as we always knew, a bunch of pansies.

Tom Werner beat around the bush and hemmed and hawed his best when talking to the Boston Herald, while toting the party line by sharing the obviously bogus fact that Orsillo is not a good broadcaster and that NESN is better off without him. The local boy, the guy who is as much of the Rem Dawg aura, is being thrown under the bus simply because a few stodgy morons don’t care for him and rather than admit their own mistakes are giving him the boot.

Werner literally said that the reason that NESN is doing this is because they’d rather have Dave O’Brien call the games, and left it at that. Nevermind the fact that Orsillo is extremely popular, well spoken, and one of the very few reasons to watch the Sox, we’ll just have O’Brien d it.

That is no knock on O’Brien though, rather it’s a sad commentary n the fact that the Sox and NESN ownership is so wrapped up in themselves that they are a textbook example of narcissism and what it means to love yourself a bit too much.

So while Werner and the like give the good guys the boot we get to suffer the effects of their choices, oh joy. Oh yeah, when asked whether Jerry Remy would take a reduced role Werner’s answer was unclear at best.

Get ready for NESN to suck even more than it actually does folks.

I won’t mask my distaste for the Sox brass, with NESN and The Globe firmly lodged in their pockets it’s hard to even get an honest word about them in print. Never fear though, until the day I die, or they quit, I won’t stop perpetuating the fact that the guys running this team could not be more out of touch or unlikable than they are.