Wade Miley loses his sh*t

Posted on Jun 12 2015 - 9:57am by Tyler Scionti

Wade Miley, please calm your tits.

If you missed last night’s game, and you’re lucky if you did, then you missed Miley’s masterfully crappy performance as he allowed five runs in four innings before manager John Farrell woke from his mid-game coma to yank him off the mound. What happened next was… well… ugly.

wade miley GIF


Sheesh the guy looks like a kid who was told he has to go to bed at 8pm on a Friday. Or an angsty teenage girl who was told she can’t date the senior in high school who’s been repeating the 12th grade for the last six years. Either way Miley doesn’t look like a grown man here, he looks like a whiny little spoiled brat. Honestly I’m surprised Farrell didn’t deck Miley in the face because he definitely wanted to–which is probably why Miley ran away like some scared little five year old with Farrell following and staring him down.

It’s not the first time either though, Miley has had run-ins in AZ with managers who have butted heads. Farrell was gracious though after the game as he was holding a lot back in answering questions:

BS Farrell. Dustin Pedroia is a competitor, Miley is nothing but a big fat piece of crap who embarrassed himself, his team, and you on live TV.

Which brings me to my next point: I HATED this team going in, and I hate it even more now. You know what this offseason reminded me of? 2011. Yup 2011, the season that the Sox stacked up on star power and fell apart once the sh*t hit the fan. What we’ve seen so far this year is a collection of overpaid, underperforming, disrespectful a$$hats who make a mockery of themselves day in and day out.

What happened Thursday night was inexcusable: Miley as a player should know to respect his manager and he obviously doesn’t. He’s not alone either on the growing list of guys I’m sick of.  There’s David Ortiz who takes every chance to turn the spotlight on himself and remind us how old his schtick is, or Hanley Ramirez who refuses to address his crappy performance in LF. And don’t get me started on the error-making machine Pablo Sandoval who makes me miss Will Middlebrooks.

Point being: the Sox have about as much chemistry as the nerdy kid who gets saddled up with the cheerleader in a group project: none. And it’s not as easy as 2014 when we could throw one guy under the bus and chalk up the rest to inexperience. No, this time we need a complete overhaul; the Sox team is riddled with cancers and Ben Cherington has to grow a pair and pony up to the mistakes he made. It’s time to have a fire sale at Fenway Park, because the Sox need to completely retool if they want us fans to stay interested.

Hold onto your butts Red Sox Nation because a storm could be on its way soon.