Tom Brunansky Bio

Posted on Jan 9 2016 - 11:54am by Tyler Scionti



Tom Brunansky, born August 20 1960 is a former outfielder for several teams and currently works as a hitting coach for the Minnesota Twins.

Brunansky was drafted as the 14th pick in the first round by the California Angels in 1978 after graduating from West Covina High School in California. He spent the next four years in the minors and made his MLB debut in 1981 at the age of 20 for the Angels. He played in just 11 games that season and batted .152 and was traded to the Twins where, as a 21-year-old, he became a regular in their lineup.

Brunansky had a breakout year that season batting .272 while mashing 20 homers–starting a streak of eight consecutive 20+ homer seasons. A couple seasons later in 1995 Brunansky represented the Twins as an All Star, he batted .242 that year with 27 homers and a career high 90 RBIs. His last season with the Twins came in 1988 as he was traded to the Cardinals and then, two years later in 1990, was traded to the Red Sox. You can see his full stats here!  



While Brunansky was not a standout player for the BoSox (.252 BA with 52 HR over four seasons) he cemented himself in Red Sox history in 1990 with a game-ending diving catch that sent the Sox to the ALCS to face the Oakland A’s.

Sadly Brunansky hit .083 in the ALCS and the rest of the team didn’t fare much better as they were swept in four games.

After the 1992 season Brunansky was a free agent and elected to sign with the Brewers where he struggled for a season before being traded back to Boston in 1994. In 48 games he launched 10 homers so the power was there, but he struggled through the year and retired in August at the age of 33.

Following his retirement Brunansky lived a relatively quiet life, working as a high school baseball coach starting in 2004 and then as a hitting coach in the Twins rookie league in 2010. He was promoted year after year, eventually making it on big league club in 2012, where he holds to position to this day.