Swords and Shields: a battle for James Shields seems unlikely for Sox

Posted on Mar 26 2016 - 1:54pm by Austin Johnson

James Shields’ services may be enticing later in the season, but don’t expect the Red Sox to be knocking on his door anytime soon.

Imagine this: The PA guy comes over the speakers at Fenway Park and says, “Now pitching for your Boston Red Sox, right handed pitcher, James Shields.”

Now before we have a Red Sox wet dream about James Shields joining the Red Sox, we have to remember a few key details.

1.) Shields currently plays for the San Diego Padres and according to a source, the Padres aren’t looking to deal Shields just yet.

2.) Shields has a career ERA of 5.42 at Fenway Park, not an ideal situation considering the Red Sox play 81 of 162 games there.

3.) James Shields’ contract with San Diego is back loaded to the tune of $21 million. That’s an ugly price tag for a pitcher giving up 5 runs a game at Fenway.

However, before I rain all over this glorious parade, let me offer some hope. The Padres play in the NL West and are looking at finishing no better than fourth behind the Dodgers, Giants and Diamondbacks. With the National League being loaded with talent and so many teams competing for five playoff spots, it is easy to see that the Padres will be left behind and far out of the playoff race before August is over. This might leave the Padres in a position to be sellers at the trade deadline leaving the door open for a Shields trade to be done. If the Red Sox are in contention by then and still lack a solid starter, Shields might be the answer they are looking for. The Red Sox also wouldn’t mind shedding some dead weight in Pablo Sandoval. A Sandoval/Shields trade would be music to Red Sox fan’s ears.

The Red Sox should be a legitimate contender for the AL East crown, and this move could be what puts the Sox over the top – much like how Toronto traded into the AL East crown last season. But this trade only works if San Diego wants someone like Sandoval, is terrible.

Time will tell, but if this trade ends up being something that will be beneficial for Boston eventually, fingers crossed it gets done, Red Sox Nation.