Sox climb in latest World Series odds

Posted on Jun 4 2016 - 4:49pm by Zach Coonick


We are deep into the 2016 season but still pretty early to start thinking about October, but as we look at it the Red Sox are neck and neck with Baltimore in the AL East standings and are tied as the winningest team in the American League.

In the sports world today is never to early to start naming teams that will likely win the championship of each sport, like college basketball, the “way to early Top 25 of 2016-2017” rankings came out the morning after Villanova beat UNC on a buzzer beater.

Now in the baseball world of things, there has been 3-4 teams talked about as the likely favorites to be playing in the last days of October, those are the Cubs, Giants, Red Sox, and Nationals. Each of those respective teams have started pretty hot, Cubs, Giants and Red Sox have the top 3 records in all of baseball. So you may take that and think the Red Sox have actually lived up to the preseason hype this season.

As it sits right now the Cubs are the favorite to win it all sitting at +330, with the sox at +900 and the Giants at +950. That’s pretty good for only about 2 months into a 6 month season. Each of those top teams have there own flaws and weakness but the Red Sox pay stand out the most.

As most of the readers well know the last few nights for the the Sox have been rough. So rough in fact that they ended the Orioles series scoring 16 runs but dropping both games to settle for a split. Pitching for the Red Sox is something that will need to do a complete 180 on if they have any thoughts to living up to the full potential of this team.

That’s something to watch as the season drags into the dog days of summer.

Watching and rooting for a baseball team comes with many of the ups and downs and a team winning is one of them. It will be interesting watching these top teams and see if they can make it to the Postseason and maybe a World Series.