Sox bullpen implodes, lose 10-9

Posted on May 29 2016 - 8:22am by Tyler Scionti


What a f*cking joke of a game. Seriously for a second I was worried that I went through a time warp and woke up in 2014 or 2015, which would kinda suck because A) I’d have to relive a year and B) I’m way happier now than I was in college. Where was I? Right, the game. Set the scene for yourself: it’s a beautiful sunny day at the beach on Cape Cod. The whole place is crowded with families, screaming children, and one, solitary guy furiously kicking the sand trying not to yell expletives in front of his family. No that wasn’t crazy Joe, that was yours truly.

The Sox bashed the Blue Jays with nine runs thanks to a trio of homers, among 15 hits from a Sox offense that truly appeared to be in top form. Despite a rocky outing from Rick Porcello it looked like the Sox had the game all but won, until our bullpen pissed the game away in a violent angry act of implosion that very well may have shortened my life three years.

Bright Spots

  • Can’t blame this one on the offense, they did their best. Xander Bogaerts led the charge going 3-5 while mashing his sixth homer of the season to left–let’s make that 21 games in a row.
  • Bogey wasn’t the only one going yard though, Travis Shaw mashed his seventh of the season and David Ortiz crushed homer No. 13.
  • Plenty of guys had multi-hit games including Dustin Pedroia, Hanley Ramirez, and Christian Vazquez.
  • Jackie Bradley Jr’s hit streak continues at two games. Keep fighting there Jackie.


  • Lots of bullsh*t going on in this game with the umps: the scoring got started for the Jays when Porcello forced in a pair of runs thanks to a HBP that was really a swing, and a walk that should have been a strikeout. Our pen screwed us over, but if those runs didn’t happen Porcello probably would’ve gone deeper into the game.
  • Where do I start with the bullpen?
  • Do you want to know what’s so mind numbingly frustrating? Is that the Sox had a f*cking four-run lead in the eighth and pissed the game away.
  •  Tommy Layne got it all started when he served up two runs without recording an out, then Junichi Tazawa followed it up recording one out while allowing two more runs. Craig Kimbrel came in and stopped the bleeding in the eighth but just for sh*ts and giggles gave up two runs in the ninth to sink the Sox for good.

Starting Pitcher Rewind

Not the best start for Porcello, but you can hardly blame him given the bad calls he got early that allowed two runs to score. Rick ended up going 6.2 innings while allowing four runs on seven hits and a walk and striking out five. Not the best outing, but not the worst and the sad thing is it should have gone smoother.

Going Forward

Thanks to a loss from the Orioles the Sox still hold a one-game lead in first but the Jays, four games out, are fast approaching as well. Let’s salvage the series here and get a win.