The reviews are in…Rusney’s a bonafide Superstar

Posted on Feb 18 2015 - 3:18pm by Chris Medeiros

Yes, praise, praise and more praise for the athletic Cuban who will be roaming Fenway’s outfield this season. Hello America, Rusney Castillo has arrived. Several Major Leaguers are claiming that Rusney is the next big thing. 

Hey, I’m just praying its not another Dice-k Matsuzaka situation….

Rusney did just sign for $72.5 million over seven years. Talk about a grandslam deal, can’t ask for much more that if you’re the guy. He basically just hit the lottery and is now pursuing the ultimate American dream.

However, At 27-years old, Rusney does in fact appear to be a well-groomed, professional baseball player. One who just so happened to be playing across seas. Perhaps because the path into America is not always all that easy, we have not been able to watch Rusney perform. At least until now.

In a short span last season, Rusney climbed through the Red Sox minor league system until he was in the majors where he posted 2 homers, 6 RBIs and 2 stolen bases in a short period of time.

The fact is, barring any major incidents, Rusney Castillo is an all-star candidate. And the more and more I take a look at this Sox lineup, it is looking more lethal. (On paper that is, but still all we have to judge for the most part for now). It will be hard to project where Castillo will bat in this potent Sox lineup. My guess, anywhere from 2-6. Like I said, not sure where yet, his performance and others will greatly impact where he ultimately bats in the lineup.

Castillo recently played winter ball in Puerto Rico where former Major Leaguer Alex Cora gave very high remarks. Apparently, Castillo not only has the talent but also the mindset to succeed in the majors.

“He’s not a prima donna. He’s a hard worker with great passion. Red Sox fans are going to like him. He’s going to OK there,” says Cora.

I can definitely picture Rusney becoming a staple Red Sox player for at least the next few seasons anyway. According to Reggie Jackson, Castillo is going to help the Sox big-time this season.

“Castillio is the straw that stirs the drink. If he can play up to his potential than the Red Sox offense will be lethal,” says Jackson.

There is a lot riding on Castillo this season, but I believe he will fit into a comfortable role where he can put up solid numbers and be a strong contributor for the team this season.