Review of Seth Meyers’ “Boston Accent” trailer

Posted on Jan 23 2016 - 10:42am by Tyler Scionti


You’ve probably seen Seth Meyers’ short spoof on Boston movies in a faux trailer for a movie titled Boston Accent.

If you haven’t, watch this:

Now it’s pretty funny, and does a good job of spoofing pretty much every movie that takes place in Boston because we all know, if you’re from Boston you talk like someone from Southie, have a sh*t load of Irish cousins spread over the state of Massachusetts (except for Western Mass, we all know that place doesn’t exist (no offense to readers from Western MA, we love you)), and worship Ben Affleck.

Like c’mon we’ve seen it half a dozen times, it wouldn’t be a “Boston movie” without gratuitous aerial shots of Fenway, the Hancock Tower, and the Charles. Even Ted can’t get out of its own way when it comes to this, of course with any movie starring Mark Walhberg you’re pretty much hit over the head with how every character he plays has to be from Boston.

So yeah it was a fun skit (loved the bit on the British actor trying but not quite getting it, that got me to chuckle).

Here’s the thing though, The Globe posted the story on claiming it to be “literally the most Boston thing ever” and really, it’s not. Maybe the most Southie thing ever, or Revere, but not Boston as a whole. Honestly the Globe just comes off as that kid from Chelmsford who fakes a “Boston accent” in college to seem cool but really just looks like a douche (once again, no offense to readers from Chelmsford, this is targeted to those who pretend they’re from Boston).

Seriously I’ve only heard the “Boston accent” in movies and frankly I’m getting a little sick of it too because A) the accents suck and B) they’re beating a dead horse. Also though, why is Seth Meyers making this? Don’t get me wrong he did a good job but he’s from Indiana not Massachusetts and the closest he ever lived to Boston is New Hampshire which though is close to Boston, is a different accent.

This is really more of a rant on The Globe though which probably ranks in the top 10 for “most out of touch organization with its target market”.