Red Sox Spring Training FINALLY underway

Posted on Feb 15 2016 - 11:22am by Tyler Scionti

While Boston freezes over in sub-zero temperatures, take comfort because down in Fenway South baseball activities have begun.

That’s right folks, though our pipes may be frozen and our faces scrunched in constant pain, we can relax and find solace in the fact that our beloved Red Sox have begun their workouts early.

Can I get a Hallelujah?

You could browse 15 twitter accounts to get your fill, or spend the next 30 minutes watching these videos and pics I compiled (do you see the things I do for you?!). So fire up the kettle, stick your feet in the oven, and enjoy.

From Pete-I know everything and you don’t-Abraham

Yoan Moncada smashing frozen ropes. 

Moncada also looking swole af.


From Ian Browne


Just melts my dead heart….

#Kojitime, #HighFiveCity


From TC


David Price looks fresh in Red, meanwhile Buch looks like a meth addict:


As more pics get posted we’ll keep turning them out! Spring Training doesn’t officially start till Thursday but it’s nice to see a majority of the team already down in FL prepping for the season–especially when I can feel myself getting frostbite every time I step outside.