Red Sox car saved from evil Yankee fans

Posted on Nov 28 2015 - 4:57pm by Nick Piccione


Just when you thought it was a slow news day we went and found a wild one for ya: man buys car on Craigslist. Boom. Headlines. Beat that NESN.

Spoiler alert, you can’t.

Sarcasm aside it’s actually kind of a fun story. Tim Hall is the owner of Colorado custom golf cart company. And one of the vehicles he customized was a 1957 Nash Metropolitan which he decked out with a Red Sox paint job. Socks, World Series championship years, a goddamn DD logo?

It’s like an episode of Pimp my Ride Southie Edition.

But Hall was tired of maintaining the car so he started trying to sell it. And when no one would buy it, he decided to cast a wilder net, and offer it up to Yankees fans.

“So I thought to heck with it, let me see if someone in New York wants to do something big with it, something crazy, since there’s the rivalry. I would do it. I’d hate to do it. I love the little car. But you know — I want to do something with it and move on with my life” Hall said.

But fortunately for the car, Paul Martin, a Foxborough native living in Texas offered to buy the car. And when Hall’s New York buyer fell through thanks to his nagging wife (no joke, the dude’s wife wouldn’t let him lol #sucks2suckm8) the car was up for grabs. With Martin’s wife “more enthusiastic” about it, the car was spared from fantastic destruction, safe in Martin’s hands.

Ok so a couple things. First off, that car is siiiiiiick. 10/10, shut up and take my money. I don’t care if that thing gets 5 gallons to the mile, the EPA can go pound sand. This thing is a must have for any Sox fan with the money.

Secondly, huge props to Martin’s wife for being an awesome human being. Letting your idiot husband buy a car that’s probably older than he is just for kicks takes a certain level of excellence that’s not seen every day. Mrs. Martin is the real MVP.

Finally, I know your desperate to sell the thing, but what the f*ck Tim Hall? Selling this beautiful masterpiece in the Bronx? Are you outside of your mind? I get that you want this thing gone but you don’t want it dead. Selling this thing to some Bronx bastard is like selling a puppy to a Chinese restaurant. You’re literally selling it to its grim reaper. No true Red Sox fan worth their salt would ever sell this motor Mona Lisa to a Yankees fan. It’s blasphemy. But in the end, it’s safe among Red Sox nation again, so I guess no harm no foul.