Picture-gate continues for Lindsey Clubine

Posted on Oct 16 2014 - 7:13am by Tyler Scionti

As “picture-gate” continues there is a new development in the story surrounding Lindsey ClubineClay Buchholz’s wife.

We all know about how nude photos of her leaked to the web (we were one of the first to break the story). And honestly, for the record let it be known that I CONDEMN these hackers who are leaking these photos. But it makes for interesting journalism so…

Anyway, Lindsey took to Twitter to voice her opinion on the subject as the news slowly spun out of control.

And then she went to TMZ to give them the full scoop, tweeting out the article in hopes of getting the truth out there.  

What has her most upset though is the accusation that some of those pics of Mike Napoli include her. Whether they do or not is not my call or my business. None of this is. But it’ll be interesting to see what happened. Meanwhile Lindsey has attorneys on board trying to erase every record of the pics in hopes of quieting this fiasco down.

Stay tuned for more updates.