Pics of Buchholz’s wife surface on web

Posted on Oct 15 2014 - 11:56am by Tyler Scionti

Well this is certainly… awkward.

I’m sure many of our readers know all about the big ICloud leak that caused hundreds of, ahem, intimate celebrity photos to surface on the web. Whoever the hacker is, he sure ruined plenty of lives as nude photos of many household names suddenly were found on many a teenager’s computer screen.

Isn’t technology an interesting thing?

Anyway, this isn’t about that per say, rather it’s about the newest leak–Clay Buchholz’s wife. That’s right, the string bean’s wife has had numerous pics leaked on the web that are compromising to say the least. What’s even more interesting though is that there is a pic of first baseman Mike Napoli with a faceless blonde woman.

Now my question is why the heck would a pic of Napoli appear in Buchholz’s wife’s ICloud? Could there be something going on in the back of the clubhouse that we don’t know about? Hey maybe that’s the real reason Nap broke his finger. I can just imagine it:

Napoli: Hey Clay, the Astros called they’re running out of crappy pitchers.

Clay: Oh yeah, well the jerkstore called, they’re running out of you!

Napoli: That’s ok, I had sex with your wife!

Honestly I think it’s pretty sick that someone is leaking all these photos to the public, so I’m not about to blast x-rated pictures on this site. But a quick google search will do the trick if you’re especially curious.



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