Pedro and Jose Fernanadez

Posted on Jul 4 2016 - 10:31am by Xander Clarke
Pedro was a terror to face in his prime with the Sox. (Matt Campbell/AFP/Getty Images)

(Matt Campbell/AFP/Getty Images)

Out of nowhere Pedro Martinez had a pretty interesting tweet.

On the 17th Pedro tweeted out saying “Jose Fernandez is a special pitcher and human being and in every form you look at him you see BOSTON RED SOX.” (According his twitter @45PedroMartinez)

Not something you’d expect from a hall of famer whose number was recently retired by the Sox. Everyone Red Sox fan would love to have Fernandez and Price as a 1-2 punch–at least I would. However the asking price was way to high. From the Red Sox, Miami asked for Mookie Betts and top prospect Yoan Moncada, along with Eduardo Rodriguez, Christian Vazquez and “another pitcher.” which was simply too much.

MLB felt the need to give Pedro a warning (according to SBnation) Pedro did the Red Sox a great deed by introducing the Sox to Ortiz but it might not have the same outcome if Pedro tries to get the Sox to make a move for Fernanadez.

It is unlikely the 2013 rookie of the year will be traded at all this season however as is contract gets closer to and end in 2018 it will become more likely he will be traded. Fernanadez is having a monster season as of now. He is 9-3 with a ERA of 2.36 and is third in the majors with 125 strikeouts, I don’t know about you but those are pretty darn good numbers.

Now they’re maybe a way to acquire Jose without trading away all their talent.

The Sox have tons of big prospects in the infield, however out can only have four infielders. When the Sox traded for Kimbrel they gave up good prospects however they were blocked by Mookie Betts and Xander Bogaerts. As of now the Sox infield is Travis Shaw, Bogey, Dustin Pedroia, and Haney Ramirez. This means someone will have to go to make room for Moncada, Rafael Devers, Sam Travis and Andrew Benintendi if they are to reach the majors.