PawSox on the move to a new home?

Posted on Jan 4 2015 - 9:37am by Tyler Scionti

Uh oh guy!

For everyone who loved the convenience of trekking down to Pawtucket RI to watch our beloved PawSox play, those glory days might be over. John Henry recently bought the team just a few months ago and now Dr. Evil’s plans may include moving the team outright to a different state.

While Dr. Creepy may like the idea, the fans absolutely hate it.

“I hope they don’t because they got a good ball team and they got a good following right here in Pawtucket,” said a fan.

“It’s a beautiful Triple–A park, stadium – a park – Boston is right up the street 45 minutes away. Absolutely not. We need to keep the Pawtucket Red Sox here inPawtucket,” said another fan.

Obviously the fans hate it, after all the PawSox have played in McCoy Stadium for decades but as per usual the owners don’t give a rat’s a$$ what the fans or anyone else thinks. All John Henry cares about is making enough money to keep his child-bride happy, and to motivate her to stick around.