Papi in pain

Posted on May 26 2016 - 7:13am by Xander Clarke
David Ortiz has been in the middle of a formidable Sox lineup. (Patrick Semansky)

(Patrick Semansky)

Red hot David Ortiz is feeling pain just from walking away.

David Ortiz is not only a hero, but a Red Sox legend. Ted Williams and Yaz never got any rings, Ortiz has three, and very well could have four by the time he walks off the field for good.

Ortiz, like every other baseball player, wishes he could play forever, but after 20 years of the grind it’s just became too much for Ortiz. For David it hurts just to walk.

“Your body, man. Your body tells you. My body, man. My body’s pretty beat up,” Ortiz stated. “Remember, if you look at guys my size, they don’t last. I noticed that seven or eight years ago. That’s why I needed to start doing things right. I lost 25 pounds. I started eating better, do things better. But let me tell you: It’s not easy, man.”

As a baseball player, I know a season can seem extremely long and it is, but I’m not playing 162 games a year. Ortiz has played almost 2,300 games in his career–an astounding number that is nearly unfathomable. With over 9,600 plate appearances and over 500 homers it simply been enough for Ortiz.

However Big Papi is not done yet, he still has one final chapter to write. Ortiz has been posting a career season–he’s been hitting at a record pace and has not slowed on the basepaths either as he looks like a man on a mission to go out on a high note.

The retirement tour has already started for David Ortiz.David was not only an amazing player but he was also a leader. He’s helped rally the team many times, such as his iconic speech in 2013:

Papi is beaten and bruised after a long and historic career, but he looks like has just enough in the tank for one final hurrah. Ortiz’s roughed up body shows how he’s put in work for 20 straight years. No doubt his work has paid off but like I said, Ortiz isn’t done yet.

And every Sox fan would love nothing more than to see Ortiz win his fourth ring.