Ortiz joins the Shaw-bandwagon, offers high praise

Posted on Mar 21 2016 - 7:35am by Tyler Scionti


The Travis Shaw-love-fest is starting to get a little out of hand for me; I must have already typed thousands of words saying “Shaw this” and “Shaw that” along with the inevitable “Pablo sucks”, but it appears that I must continue on.

This time David Ortiz has announced his endorsement  of the young slugger.

And when we say “endorsement” we mean endorsement, seriously Papi is all over this guy, which very well could have some impact on how the season goes.

“Travis Shaw, have you seen his swing?” Ortiz said. “I watch him hit, and it’s just like, ‘Wow, this is beautiful.’ When I watch him hit, he looks like Adrian — smooth, compact, pretty. He has that swag on him.

His timing is beautiful. His timing is gorgeous — and against anybody. Lefties, righties, he’s right there. He stays for a long time in the strike zone, which is the most important thing. The swing that comes in and out of the strike zone, I don’t really like that because there’s no hope. His stays in the strike zone long enough that even when he misses a pitch, he still hits it well.”

That’s some pretty high praise if you ask me, but it’s not unwarranted and certainly not without merit. Shaw slugged his way into our hearts:

With Sandoval trudging knee-deep in the sh*t storm he caused with his enormous gut, it opens the door wide open for Shaw as an option at third.

Quite frankly, I hope it’s Shaw who gets the starting job this year. Right now, no one deserves it more than him and if the Sox truly want a winning team then they have to go with the better player. #Shaw2016.


Got to love the SHAW SHOW

hard to imagine he fighting for a starting spot or playing time, but remember back in 2003 Ortiz was in a 3 way platoon at 1st base,, by the end of the year he was a MVP canidate and they found a full time spot for big Papi.

Enough with the high priced under achievers,, Pablo aka Fat Albert, Hanley, Gonzo, Crawford,,, sox should go with the homegrown talent.