New development in Marrero’s missing HR

Posted on Jan 12 2016 - 1:25pm by Tyler Scionti


What a day.

Wrote the original post four months ago and received a comment yesterday. Then we wrote this mean-spirited post (in jest) and now the entire thing has blown up bigger than I ever thought possible.

Now I just got off the phone with the man who caught the ball and we are currently working on a way to get the ball back to Deven Marrero and when all is said and done we will hopefully get the full story up so you can follow the epic that is Marrero’s first big league home run.

Oh and it turns out that it’s more a misunderstanding than anything else, and the current possessor of the ball is actually a pretty nice guy (for a Yankees fan).

Honestly when I first wrote the post I was looking for some cheap laughs. When I read his comment I thought wow this can’t be real can it? and then posted a response for even more cheap laughs. But now, it seems that not only is this really happening, but the story may have a happy ending after all.

Deven Marrero, wherever you are, I hope you get your baseball back soon!

Stay tuned Sox fans because while the drama has been building for quite some time, it appears that the ending may be unfolding as we speak.