My rules as a fan

Posted on Aug 2 2015 - 8:33am by Tyler Scionti


I consider myself to be a man of few rules, obviously there are things that I hold myself to ut who has time for a list of 1,000 dos and don’ts? These rules carry over to being a fan though, and I do my very best to keep them.

For instance: If the Sox are down I will not sing Sweet Caroline, or no matter how bad they are I will not stop watching or at the very least tune in to check the score. And never ever, ever, ever will I switch fanbases–unless the Sox move, or if they do something so egregious that it would be understandable but if that is the case I won’t root for a rival either.

That brings me one of the most important rules: if someone offers you free tickets, you take them no questions asked. I don’t care if you weren’t planning on going, who’s pitching, or how soon you get the tickets before game time, if someone offers you a free pass to the Fens you take it 100 times out of 100. There is an exception though: let’s say there is a family emergency, or event, or the baseball gal and I had plans and she doesn’t want to go to the game despite my pleading to go, then you politely decline and say you can’t.

Any other times though you best believe I am hauling a$$ to Fenway to get there before the first pitch.

It happened last season when I bumped into Tommy who asked me if I had plans and then shoved two tickets in my face, and it happened again last Thursday against the White Sox. I was at a work event when, as it always does, it came out that I am a diehard Sox fan. A coworker then asked if I wanted two tickets seeing as he had other plans and didn’t want to watch through the rain.

For a split second I thought about how tired I was, how they were probably going to lose, and how I could catch the game on the radio anyway, but I shoved that thought back down there, grabed the tickets and said thank you.

Fast forward an hour and I was sitting with my buddy Marcos with a $12 sausage in one hand, an $8 beer in the other while watching the Sox absolutely cream Chris Sale. It was an amazing game, a much needed win, and a rarity for sure. I ended up getting  back home by 11:30, and then remembered I had a ton of laundry to do and finally went to bed by 2am.

Was it worth it? Yes, would I do it again? Not even a question.