Mookie the bowler?

Posted on Dec 10 2015 - 7:55pm by Zach Coonick


Red Sox fans all know that Mookie Betts is a pretty good baseball player, but could he actually be better at something else?

Yes he can, and its bowling.

Mookie is currently in the World Bowling Championships and he’s doing pretty darn well. He bowled a 273 in the first round… For people that don’t know bowling that’s pretty good and this is his first year on the circuit.

Hard to believe he’s out of practice too, what with his career choice and all.

Thats great for him and we are all prod of him but let’s hope he doesn’t get hurt, but is that actually possible to hurt you’re self in bowling?

As we all know Betts is an overall outstanding athlete and it’s great that a Red Sox is doing something in the offseason other than getting fat or muscular huge, (yes a subtweet at Pablo and Hanley) but Betts should continue to do great and will be back at spring training in Febuary.

Again congrats to Mookie and maybe he can bring another title back to Boston!