Moncada cranks grand slam for Salem

Posted on May 4 2016 - 7:47am by Tyler Scionti

Yeah, yeah, yeah a 4-1 loss at the hands of the White Sox is rough, especially when our lineup is doing next to nothing.

But hey, rather than whine and start drinking at 9am, check out this video of Yoan Moncada absolutely demolishing a ball for a grand slam the other day:

Video pulled from r/redsox on Reddit.

Quite frankly, the kid is incredible and I cannot wait to see him in a Sox uniform here in Boston. So far on the season Moncada is batting .329 with a .463 OBP alongside one homer, 17 stolen bases, and 14 RBIs in just 23 games played… and the kid is just 20 years old.

Moncada has all the makings of a star and is taking leaps and bounds, while I’m sure we’re all tempted to bring him up ASAP, given his age and need for development a 2017 September callup is likely the earliest we’ll see him in Boston–but it’s still nice to see him now and dream of the future!