Minihane: NESN asked Orsillo to lie about firing

Posted on Sep 5 2015 - 1:07pm by Nick Piccione


God I hate NESN. I really really hate NESN. I already did my big long diatribe on these clowns last week but apparently they can’t leave well enough alone. On Friday, Kirk Minihane reported that NESN asked Don Orsillo to lie about his firing, and tweet that he was parting with the network mutually.

I’m just so tired of this crap. I finally just came off an eight month long bender, crying kangaroo court at Roger Goodell and the NFL over all the Brady nonsense, and now that the league’s Soviet show trial was finally exposed for what it was I have to jump back into corporate lies all over again.

Why would NESN do this? It’s just such a weak sh*t type of move. Even if Orsillo agreed, you have to know it would come out sooner or later, and you come out looking like scumbags. But to have him say no makes you look petty and frail.

And good on Don for telling Henry to go pound sand with that crap. If you’re going to fire him for what still seems like no good reason, why the hell would he agree to help your PR team? I still don’t understand how a man that prides himself so much on his public image can continue to let himself and the people who work for him look like buffoons.

It seems like every chance they get to do something good, they mess it up. NESN has gotten so bad over the years that I just want nothing to do with it any more. I mean for god’s sake, you’re making me get my news from Kirk goddamn Minihane. The guy is the broadcasting version of a shock comic and I now have to go to him for breaking news. Up is down. Right is left. You f*cked with the natural order, and now we all pay the price.

In summation: NESN sucks. Henry sucks. Werner sucks. Minihane’s a shock jock. Save Orsillo.