MBTA ranked third best rail in the nation, God help us all

Posted on Feb 26 2016 - 9:06am by Tyler Scionti


We all have a hate-hate relationship with the MBTA.

From the cramped crowded cars that simultaneously smell like BO, piss, and wet dog, to the fact that it is about as unreliable as a a stopped watch. We’ve seen the horrors, the constant alerts, shutdowns, and the fact that they’ve been working on Government Center station for the past FIVE years.

But this, well this just saddens me. The venerable T is the third best public rail system in the entire country. 

Let that sink in.

The T that we have all come to know and hate ranks as one of the best in the nation, which frankly I find shocking. Then again I’ve never really been on much public transit anywhere else so how would I know anyway. I do know that I ride the T, and that each and every time I take it, especially in rush hour, I die a little inside.

I’ve seen a woman with a stroller shrieking at fellow passengers that her baby is “claustrophobic”. I’ve seen cars that literally look and smell like someone peed in the corner. I’ve seen a dog throw up in the car and absolutely nothing be done about it. I’ve been stuck in a tunnel for 20 minutes due to a signal error. But best of all, I’ve waited, and waited, and waited in Park St. station for a greenline train and elbowed everyone in my immediate vicinity to get on.

The bottom line is that riding the T ruins my life, the trains are too crowded, they go out of service ALL the time, and the delays border on the ridiculous.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that the MBTA is one of the most mis-managed and poorly run organizations in recent memory, that it’s one of the best in the country just completely baffles me.