Aubrey “AJ” Brown: Instagram Co-ManagerIMG_8213-e1445517990814

I am originally from the Southern part of Massachusetts but currently represent Red Sox Nation from behind enemy lines in New York City!

My passion and fandom for the Red Sox is just as high as the die hards as we are all known to be! I buy the baseball package just so I can watch every Red Sox game whether they suck or they’re good, I’m there! Having the opportunity to work for Monstah Mash in the Social Media/Marketing department is beyond enjoyable because I get the opportunity to work in a field I am pursuing full time but I also get to represent Red Sox baseball in a different fashion!

My desire is the help Monstah Mash grow into a massive product and have the opportunity to move back home and continue the drive we all have inside this great company!





Kim Hickey: Instagram Co-Manager

Hi everyone!

My name is Kim Hickey and I am working as a social media intern at Monstah Mash. I am a sophomore currently studying international relations at College of the Holy Cross. I am native to Boston and have never gone a summer without attending a Red Sox game in our beloved Fenway Park. My friends and family are huge supporters of all Boston sports teams and I am thrilled to have the unique opportunity to work in the marketing and communications sector.

Right now, I am working to develop a stronger follower base on Instagram with interactive posts, exciting announcements, and promotional giveaways! I love all the excitement and passion that comes along with being a part of the infamous Boston sports fandom.

Boston is a city that is and forever will be my home. Boston strong!



CJ Davis: Facebook Manager

My name is CJ Davis and I am one of the writers responsible for the Monstah Mash Facebook page.cj

I was brought onto Monstah Mash a couple of months ago and my favorite team is obviously the Boston Red Sox. I will never forget watching the final out of the 2004 World Series, right then and there I knew the Sox were my team and I have followed them ever since.

I am that person that can pull out obscure stats or has the farm system memorized. Anything to do with the Red Sox I make it my business to know about. My favorite player however is Bryce Harper. I enjoy his hustle and his talent, I think it is good for the MLB to have players like that. I myself play baseball and will be attending Norwich University in 2016 with hopes of making their roster.


Keith Dorr: Facebook Manager

Hi, I’m Keith!FB_IMG_1458140664443

I was drawn to the Red Sox for the same reason many other people were; for the heart and passion that the team brings to each and every season. The atmosphere of Fenway Park when you watch them play on TV or when you go in a season.

I’m a diehard Sox fan and I have been for a while now. The team has had a solid farm system for the last number of seasons and it has been amazing to watch these kid turn into great ballplayers. I’m a senior in high school will study psychology when I get to college.

I hope you all love the site!


Anna Scionti: Pinterest ManagerIMG_6633

Hey there!

My name is Anna Scionti, and I am a student studying in the School of Hospitality Administration at Boston University. I have lived outside of Boston my entire life, and I have always been a Sox fan. I grew up going to Red Sox games with family and friends, and I absolutely love Pinteresting for my favorite team. The stretch we call Commonwealth Avenue leading up to Fenway Park has become a second home over the years, and nothing beats living in the city during the Red Sox season.

Outside of school I love playing sports, singing, Pinteresting, and Netflix.




Julia Baker: Pinterest Managerunnamed

Hi everyone!

I’m Julia Baker and I’m excited to be a new member of the Monstah Mash team! I’m studying Psychology and I’m in the PreBusiness program at College of the Holy Cross. I lived in the Philippines for 8 years and then moved to New York (which some may call enemy territory). In my free time, you’ll find me playing my violin or singing/arranging music for my a cappella group at school.

While I’m not a MLB expert, I do enjoy watching baseball and played softball in middle school. As a Marketing Intern, I work to promote the Monstah Mash site through social media, and I hope to foster the community spirit among Red Sox fans!



Tim Gardner: Head of Design

My name is Tim Gardner, and I’m a student at College of the Holy Cross. As aFullSizeRender Massachusetts native, Boston sports have always been a part of my life. I have many fond memories of watching Red Sox and Patriots games with my dad. We used to count how many times Nomar Garciaparra adjusted his glove straps (which, if you watched even five minutes of a Red Sox game in the early 2000’s, you know was OFTEN), which I found endlessly amusing as a little kid. In the present I really look forward to game days in a certain Bleacher Creature’s dorm room (when we aren’t absolutely drowning in homework).

I did crew for four years in high school, as since I was gifted with an impressively inaccurate throw, and a debatably worse swing, playing the game of baseball was never quite my strong suit. Luckily, I managed to somehow salvage some hand-eye coordination in the form of drawing “skills”, and so I put Tyler’s merchandise brain blasts onto paper and into pixels.


Bio picCaitlyn Higgins: “Humans of Red Sox Nation” Storyteller and Developer

My name is Caitlyn Higgins and I am a new member of the Monstah Mash team working on the Humans of Red Sox Nation stories.
I am currently a student at Boston University, studying Advertising and Computer Science. In my free time, I like to watch sports, hang out with friends, and explore the city. Before moving to Boston for college, I grew up in New Jersey. I really became a fan of the Red Sox when I got to BU and witnessed the 2013 World Series win! Ever since, I love going to the games with friends and family, and experiencing the excitement of Fenway Park. With Humans of Red Sox Nation, I hope to use social media to gain new perspectives on the fans behind the team, and allow more fans to represent the team they love.