Lovullo gets “big” with the president

Posted on Sep 30 2015 - 4:27pm by Zach Coonick


A pretty cool, and rare, thing happened at the Red Sox team hotel in New York on Tuesday morning.

Red Sox intern Manager Torrey Lovullo got up early in the morning to go to the gym in the hotel like any other day, but this wasn’t any other day. Torrey got to the gym and saw that President Barrack Obama was also working out as well. Obama and his staff were staying at the same hotel as the Red Sox this week, unknown to Lovullo at the time.

Torrey has just missed the President the morning before and wanted to set his alarm early to get up and see him. He went right up the Obama and introduced himself. Lovullo went on to say that the president remembered him from the Sox visit on 2013 and they went on and talked baseball for sometime, as the leader of the free world conversed with the current leader of the Red Sox.

We all know that the President is a huge White Sox fan and Lovullo said he wanted to talk White Sox and some other baseball topics, which is quite understandable. Lovullo also recalled that the president was a great, easy going guy and easy to get along with, and they also cracked some jokes–he may run the nation but at the end of the day he is just a sports fan trying to get his morning lift in like the rest of us.

It’s pretty cool for someone of the Sox the have a morning lift with the President of the United States, but  let’s hope next season Lovullo can meet the President again but back at the White House after winning a World Series.