So long Youuuuuuk

Posted on Oct 31 2014 - 7:21am by Tyler Scionti

Though he last took the field in the majors back in 2013, Kevin Youkilis has announced his official retirement from the MLB. Crowned the Greek God of Walks, and often cheered as Yooooooouuuuuuuk, Youkilis immersed himself in Sox-lore after his rise to the majors in 2004.

Two rings, three All Star trips, and a Gold Glove later and Youk has decided to hang up his spikes as, at the age of 35, he is calling it quits.

I remember Youk’s last season with the Sox pretty well. It was 2012, Bobby Valentine said he “didn’t care” enough or whatever that meant, and a rookie third baseman turned dud named Will Middlebrooks came on the scene ousting the veteran third baseman. I don’t want to focus on that year though, frankly it was a crappy one and a sad one for our beloved Youkilis.

What I want to remember is his penchant for getting on base, that crazy stance that never looked like it would work but somehow did, his habit of getting hit at the plate, his feud with Joba Chamberlin, the fact that he was the original bearded first baseman (take that Mike Napoli), the way The Onion consistently ran articles portraying Youk as some kind of pervert (seriously it’s mad funny), and of course this gem (sorry for the incredibly crappy quality):

Honestly my favorite thing about this is that Porcello didn’t even mean to hit him, and it wasn’t even close, but Youk ran out there anyway and chased Porcello to the infield dirt. I guess what I’m trying to say is that at times Youk was unbearable, but at the same time he’s the guy you want on your side. He gave 150% effort every minute he was on the field (screw you Bobby V) and while he was hardly the best first baseman in baseball history, I’ll remember him as one of my favorites to watch.

He had heart, or as they say in Boston “kid’s got hahhhht, he’s a team playah!” Goodbye Youk it was nice getting the best of your years at Fenway, don’t be a stranger in Boston.