Larry Lucchino still taking shots at the Yankees

Posted on Jan 9 2016 - 4:03pm by Nick Piccione


Even though he’s no long CEO of the Red Sox, Larry Lucchino is still firing off on the Yankees. Yesterday Brian MacPherson tweeted out a quote from Lucchino, who now serves as chairman of the Paw Sox:

For those who don’t feel like reading the whole thing (ya lazy bastards) basically a Yankees Triple-A front office guy left Scranton/Wilkes-Barre to join Pawtucket, and Larry saw this as golden opportunity to once again call the Yankees evil and say that this guy redeemed himself by leaving.

So uh, you know how nobody cares about minor league players? Yeah, less than nobody cares about minor league front office. That’s negative people Lawrence. Look it was funny when you called the Yankees the Evil Empire, but that was 10 years ago man, your troll game’s gone soft. It’s hard to hear you’re witty banter over the sound of you being relegated to Pawtucket like a crappy soccer team.

Larry Lucchino is like that one guy in your friend group that makes you cringe whenever he opens his mouth. Even though he’s got your back he’s always saying stupid sh!t and you’re just like “goddammit Larry” every single time. You don’t really know why you keep hanging out with him but you can’t stop until he quits his job and moves to Rhode Island to pursue a career. We all have a Larry in our group.

But seriously Larry, no one cares anymore. If there was anything – anything – else to write about today I would. But unfortunately, like the city of Pawtucket, we’re stuck with you.