John Valentin Bio

Posted on Jan 29 2015 - 8:30pm by Tyler Scionti

John Valentin born February 18, 1967 in Mineola New York played most of his career with the Sox before heading to the Mets.

He attended Seton Hall University where he played baseball (duh) along with Mo Vaughn and future Hall of Famer Craig Biggio (pretty cool eh?). He was drafted to the Sox in the 1988 draft and made his MLB debut four years later in 1992. You can check this official scouting report from 1989 to see the assessment of the big leaguer-to-be:

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 8.26.35 PM

He had a pretty good run with the BoSox batting .281 over 10 seasons in Boston his best ones coming between 1995-1997 where he batted .300 during the span with 58 homers (19/season average) and 238 RBI’s (79/season average). The real highlight of his career though was in 1994 when he turned the 10th unassisted triple play in MLB history which is cool in itself but the fact that Valentin acts like nothing special happened makes it even cooler.

When the 2001 season came to a close Valentin opted to sign with the Mets as a free agent, playing with them through 2002 before calling it quits. He left the game after 11 seasons with a career .279 average alongside 1,093 hits, 124 home runs, and 558 RBI’s. You can check his full career stats here:




In 2008 Valentin signed with the Dodgers as a hitting coach in their minor league system before being promoted to the big league coaching staff in 2012 as the assistant hitting coach.