John Henry apologizes for Liverpool ticket pricing

Posted on Feb 11 2016 - 8:00am by Tyler Scionti


This is just so rich.

It’s got me speechless, that John Henry would just drop his pants to Red Sox Nation and thumb his nose while flipping the bird–because that is EXACTLY what this move is. A big fat “F*ck You” to Red Sox Nation.

The newest cash cow for Henry and Co. Liverpool Football (Soccer) Club has been quite the money machine–but hey that’s not enough so they decided to rack up the costs even more (going as high as $112 per ticket). The angry and rabid football fans staged a walkout causing Henry to cave like the sad pathetic little girl that he is.

Here are some choice soundbites from the open letter Henry sent out:

It has been a tumultuous week. On behalf of everyone at Fenway Sports Group and Liverpool Football Club we would like to apologize for the distress caused by our ticket pricing plan for the 2016/17 season.

The three of us have been particularly troubled by the perception that we don’t care about our supporters, that we are greedy, and that we are attempting to extract personal profits at the club’s expense. Quite the opposite is true.


To that end, we have never taken a single penny out of the football club. Instead we have injected vast sums of our own money to improve the playing squad and modernize LFC’s infrastructure—exemplified by the £120 million advance from FSG to build the new Main Stand. This massive undertaking was made in order to provide more supporters access to Anfield and also to produce additional revenue to help us compete financially with clubs that have greater resources. When it opens in August this year the stand will accomplish those goals thereby fulfilling a promise we made upon acquiring LFC in 2010.

We were strongly engaged in the process to develop the ticketing plan for 2016/2017. We met directly with representatives of LFC’s Supporters’ Committee and along with LFC management, wholeheartedly agreed with major concerns raised, notably: access for local and young supporters; engagement and access to Anfield for local children; access to Premier League matches for those in Liverpool most challenged by affordability.

Sure thing… (thanks for spending money made from the Sox btw, feels good)

We believe we have demonstrated a willingness to listen carefully, reconsider our position, and act decisively. The unique and sacred relationship between Liverpool Football Club and its supporters has always been foremost in our minds. It represents the heartbeat of this extraordinary football club.

Here’s my big issue with all of this though, where the hell is OUR apology?

Where is the apology for ridiculously high ticket prices (sh*t I’d love it if our tickets capped at $112), the second mortgage I had to take out just to buy a hot dog, and not to mention the classless buffoonery we’ve seen from the three stooges in their cushy box seats since they came here? Where’s our apology for gutting Terry Francona, screwing up the Jon Lester negotiations while insulting him in the process, and ruthlessly canning Don Orsillo or putting “sexy” star power over actually good players?

Honestly I’m so sick of the Sox ownership and management I just have nothing left to say. Heck, maybe we could take a cue from Liverpool fans and stage a walkout or boycott at Fenway Park because apparently nothing is getting through to these bone-headed greedy pieces of crap who pretend to care.