Joe Kelly set to return to Sox rotation

Posted on May 21 2016 - 7:54am by Tyler Scionti
(Boston, MA, 04/17/15) Joe Kelly throws out #13 Manny Machado at first base in the second inning of the Red Sox vs. Orioles game at Fenway Park. Friday, April 17, 2015. Staff photo by John Wilcox.

Photo by John Wilcox.

The Sox are getting pitching help from AAA, but it’s not the guy you were hoping we’d get. Instead of Eduardo Rodriguez playing savior, we’ll have to settle for Joe Kelly.


Kelly last left the Sox after throwing fastball in the low-90s and high-80s while getting shelled for a brief and injury-shortened start. Shoulder impingements be damned, Kelly is looking to get his season back on track and bring the Sox the pitching relief they desperately need. We’ve seen this team outscore the best of them, but we cannot out-pitch an opponent, and to be honest it’s costing us.

Can Kelly provide the help we desperately need and put the Sox back on track to their winning ways? Don’t hold your breathe.

While I’m always inclined to rag on Kelly (and get blocked by him on Twitter), he has looked good in AAA facing a bunch of prospects and MLB rejects. The slim right hander struck out 10 in his most recent outing while lasting 6.1 innings–not too shabby. Based off the fact that our rotation is held together with string and glue sticks, I’m hoping his success in the minors can carry over to the majors (or even if half of it does I’ll be happy).

Heck even if Kelly goes six innings and allows three runs or fewer I’ll be happy.

We’ll get the answer to that question Saturday as Jolt’n Joe takes on the Indians to split the first two of the series, say a prayer Red Sox Nation.