Jay Z embarrasses himself in front of the baseball world

Posted on Feb 19 2015 - 8:24am by Tyler Scionti

Now this isn’t me being hard on a guy for no reason so don’t go there. Jay Z is a sports agent now, if he’s going to dip his fat fingers into baseball then he sure as heck better know what he’s doing.

But hey, as with most people who get into sports because they think it’ll be fun or novel he shows that he has no fricken clue what he’s doing.

Recently SNL ran their 40th anniversary special with an after party open to numerous celebrities and even a few major leaguers. Jay Z was there, but so was former Yankees pitcher David Wells. Because the two look so ridiculously similar Jay Z naturally made the mistake of confusing Wells for Curt Schilling and in an attempt to sound relevant he asked him what the “bloody sock” game was like.

Ummm hate to break it to you but Schilling looks more like David Ortiz than David Wells.


Former WS champion and hero to Red Sox Nation


Fat journeyman who looks like Schilling but only to blind people and people who never watched a game on TV in their life


Seriously I do feel bad for Jay Z, I mean it’s not like he confused Danny Devito for Dustin Pedroia, he basically took a guy who looked absolutely nothing like Schilling and thought to himself, “gee, I’m gonna show off how much I know about baseball tonight!”

LOL, you’ll get ’em next time Jay Z.