Humans of Red Sox Nation

Posted on Mar 11 2016 - 7:33pm by Tyler Scionti


“I’m a lifelong Red Sox fan; they’ve always been close to my heart, sometimes a little too much but no matter what I’ve always been there to watch a game.

In 2013 it was one of those years where every game was like this f*cking team what is going on here how are they doing this, and then they made that incredible playoff run and made it all the way to the World Series. I was in New York at the time, but my buddy is a season ticket holder and he texted me Wednesday around 2 that he had an extra ticket for Game 6 the next day.

I had class and practice to get to at the time but there’s no way I’m not going so without hesitation I bought a ticket and arrived in Boston early Thursday morning and we went to the game and the rest is history there.

Now after they won I sat in my seat just looking out and taking it all in that the Sox just won the World Series, and the next thing I know an hour and a half passed by and the stadium was empty except for a few people just out on the field–not players just fans. Once reality hit we realized there was no security around to stop anyone, so we decided to walk out onto the field with the other fans. Everyone was walking around passing beers to each other, and we took a lap for 45 min or so and checked out the Monster, home plate, the pitchers mound–I even picked up some grass.

Close to midnight though people started leaving but we stayed behind and decided to check out the visitor’s image2 (1)dugout and saw that the door was open to the locker room. There was no one around so we figured why not because the worst that can happen is we get kicked out and told to leave. Being over 100 years old the basement of Fenway is a pretty scary place though and a complete maze so we spent a while trying to figure out where we were until we heard these loud footsteps only to turn around and see Jonny Gomes full sprinting with the World Series trophy over his head screaming his head off as he ran past us. With that, we figured we were going in the right direction so we followed him and ended up seeing John Farrell, Stephen Drew, and Andrew Miller hanging out and walking towards the Sox clubhouse.

We end up running into a big crowd of people–players’ wives, reporters, and the players and… a secret door from the clubhouse to the bar Game On. The door is open so we walk right in and see the entire roster–Lackey, Buch, literally everyone–all partying with the Dopkick Murphy’s playing for everyone, I guess you could say everyone was having a great time. Beer and champagne were being passed around and the music was blaring, but I see catch one of the bottles and they’re all fully customized for the Red Sox World Series–and as the night goes by I realize I still have the bottle in my hand.

As the night winds down I found myself out of the bar with the empty bottle in tow and while you’re not allowed to carry an open bottle around there was no one around so I made my way home, by that time it must have been 3 or four in the morning, but I couldn’t even sleep because I realized I had just celebrated the World Series with the Boston Red Sox and had a special custom champagne bottle to remember it by.

image1 (1)

To this day it’s got to be one of the best days of my life and will be something I’ll never forget, and that bottle is something I’ll never let go of and cherish forever.”