Humans of Red Sox Nation

Posted on Feb 27 2016 - 8:55am by Tyler Scionti


“When I moved from Boston to the Bay Area I brought the spirit of the Sox with me. I wear my Red Sox attire almost everyday, either a shirt or my hat. When I wear something Sox, it makes so many people comment on the team or the city.  It makes me feel proud that my team is known so well.  I boast everywhere about how great my team is.

The difference between being in Boston versus here is the closeness. I would go to games a lot. My first one was in 1967. You’re with a bunch of hometown fans and you share a common interest with them.

Now that I live here, I go to the Oakland Coliseum and I see the Red Sox every time so I can be close with them again. I actually found out that a lot of Sox fans live out here. In the stadium you’ll actually see more fans wearing Sox stuff when they play in Oakland. There’s a lot of fans here but none really carry the passion like I do and my fellow Bostonian’s back home.

My first experience at Fenway was when my dad took me out of school for a game. But the best experience was when I went to a game and we had scored 11 runs. I’ve never seen anybody do that in front of me. It’s unbelievable, but Boston sports always makes it way to the top.

I’ve had a lot of great memories that had to do with the Sox. I even had a food stand with my grandmother outside of the park.  It was a great experience talking to a lot of fans.”