Humans of Red Sox Nation

Posted on Apr 30 2016 - 8:18am by Tyler Scionti

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“My family is Italian so they’re pretty loud regularly but when a Boston sports team is playing – especially the Sox – you’re going to need headphones.

As a child during baseball season, I watched the Red Sox on the tv with my grandparents almost every night.  They’d start when we were just about eating dinner and end when we were ready to sleep.  Sometimes we would go over my uncle’s apartment in Roxbury to watch the game and he had memorabilia everywhere varying from bobbleheads to posters to Red Sox blankets.  Back then I kind of didn’t know what it meant to be a fan because I was just surrounded by the team constantly and didn’t think much of them – only that my family members loved them.

I think the tradition of watching the Sox every night carried on to my mother after my grandparents moved out of the state.  That’s when I really started becoming a fan, I would not only remember just a couple of players but almost all of the starting lineup.  After my mother took notice of my interest in baseball, she finally took me to a game spur of the moment.

I was so amazed of the landscaping and the structure of the park.  I was sitting by the GULF sign and actually took a piece of the wall with me – it was chipping off anyways so I figured hey why not.  I was so excited to be there it felt almost like Disney to me.  Now that I am an adult, I still refer to Fenway as “Disney for Bostonians.”  The first time at Fenway is always the best, it’s like every time I go back I think of my first time there.”