Humans of Red Sox Nation

Posted on Apr 22 2016 - 2:50pm by Tyler Scionti
“Before coming to college here in Boston I had only ever been to one baseball game back home in California. It was ironically the Dodgers versus the Red Sox. I didn’t really care for baseball at all; I just went because my friends were going. I always found it confusing and slightly boring.
That all changed when I started here at BU in the fall of 2013. My friends and I decided to go to a Red Sox game. We got the cheap standing room only tickets. I didn’t think it would be much fun having to stand through a whole baseball game, but when we got there I was definitely proven wrong.
The park in general was so full of life. The fans were so excited because the Red Sox were on a winning streak and looked like they were headed for the World Series. The fans, the staff, and the security who I talked to at Fenway were all so friendly and though I was far from home, they were beginning to make me feel like I was a part of this city. After that game I started to get more into baseball and really rooted for the Red Sox to make it to the World Series. I can remember when they actually ended up winning the World Series very clearly. I lived right down Comm Ave. at the time in a BU dorm and everyone was watching the last game on a T.V. in the dining hall. Everyone, no matter where they were from, was cheering on the Red Sox. We were all so excited to be so close to the team’s home at Fenway.
When the game officially ended and we all realized the Red Sox had won the World Series all anyone could think to do was run down to Kenmore Square where we knew a bunch of people would be celebrating. I sprinted down Comm Ave. as fast as I could and looked up and saw hoards of people cheering and dancing around. My friends and I joined in the celebration. We were all so excited that our new home’s team had won.
This was one of my favorite memories of both the Red Sox and my time here living in Boston. Because of that amazing season back over two years ago, I’ll always be a Red Sox fan no matter where I end up living.”