Henry Owens: Trying to say focused and avoid swirling Trade Rumors

Posted on Feb 18 2015 - 8:10pm by Chris Medeiros

“My family will be like, ‘Did you see that?’ But I don’t pay attention to any of that,” “I’m a Red Sox right now, and I hope I’m a Red Sox for a long time,” says Owens. 

There have been several reports  regarding the possibilities of a Henry Owens trade. He is the No.2 prospect in the Red Sox system behind only Blake Swihart. There is no surprise about the rumors because he is certainly gaining a lot interest from other teams.

In three seasons in the minors, Owens has gone 40-16 with a 3.34 era. Needless to say, I think Owens is ready to make a few spot starts this year, or at least have a strong season for the Paw Sox. Owens has continued to develop and at 6’6″ and being a southpaw, there is a lot of potential in Owens.

In my opinion, there is no reason to trade away Henry Owens this year in a deal for a an older “ace” pitcher. Owens is so young and talented that he’s not worth trading. Owens and Swihart, your top two prospects, are simply un-tradeable. But I thought that was just common sense.

Of all seasons, this is the perfect scenario for Owens. There is no urgency to throw away the future for this season alone. Red Sox nation has decided. We don’t want a team that can win a random championship and then disappear the very next season. A team that has no prospects and just relies on shot in the dark, all for nothing seasons. If I wanted that I’d just watch the Florida Marlins.

What Boston fans want is a team that can progress and grow together. The Mannys the Nomars and the Trots and the Teks. I don’t want to mortgage the team’s future just for an aging over-priced modern day ace. Because as rule of thumb, the aces of today’s game are all relatively weak in my opinion. Especially the ones available, just in comparison to the dominant true aces of the past.

We want a team that will grow together and create an identity. One that will rip our hearts out one season and then come through in extra innings the next. A team with established players and consistent winnings seasons. A guy like Owens could be one of the guys to pass the torch on to to be a part of this future run.

For now we will wait and see, but in any case it is very mature of Owens to remain calm and mature when dealing with the trade rumors. He doesn’t want to end up like his child hood idol after all, that being John Lackey.