Why I hate the Orioles

Posted on Apr 19 2014 - 7:27pm by Tyler Scionti

Ok so here is why I officially hate the Baltimore Orioles. Get ready because in Saturday’s game they confirmed why the deserve ZERO respect.

The Orioles are like that punk kid down the street that can never win in a fight, but does whatever he can to bother the heck out of you. The Orioles are just like that, they are a bunch of punks who underperform every single year and take out their frustration on good teams like the Sox. Instead of playing harder, or trying to win they pull crap like throwing at our players heads or picking fights. Immature stuff that grinds my gears every single game.

On Saturday Bud Norris was facing David Ross and threw at his head three times as Ross leaned in to drop a bunt. Ross was this close to taking one off the eye, and when he stood up for himself like he should have the benches cleared and good ol’ Buck Showlater tried to make him out to be the bad guy. That’s not the only time the Orioles have acted like a bunch of backhanded pansies though, there are plenty of other gross attempts at “revenge.”

In 2012 there’s Luke Scott’s classy comments about how Fenway sucks and how he hates Sox fans going to Camden Yards. Sorry your team is so bad Scott that the Sox fans are PAYING YOUR SALARY by buying tickets to see your hapless team get the you know what kicked out of them. There’s no reason ever to take a dump on the fans for watching the greatest game in America, and no, taking said dump does not make your team move up in the standings, hitting over .300 does.

He does have a point about Fenway being pretty freakin old, but hey only a true and blue Sox fan can call it a dump, not some classless Orioles backup.

Don’t forget about way back in 2011 when David Ortiz got into a fight with Kevin Gregg. The Orioles were getting straight up Drago-vs-Apollo killed that game, and Gregg threw two pitches way inside before Ortiz hit a pop fly to right, he then jogged to first while Gregg yelled obscenities at him. Yeah Greg that’s the really mature way to handle it, instead of buckling down you resort to crying like a sore loser. Ortiz responded by opening a can of old fashioned… well he threw a few punches and completely missed his target so it ended up as embarrassing for both sides.

The Sox brought Papi in for his bat not his fists anyway, cut him some slack.

You know what I think? I think that the Orioles are tired of no one caring about them or wanting to be a rival to them, so they’re trying to make a rivalry out of nothing. I can just see Showalter now, sitting in some grimy office griping about how it’s not fair the Sox -Yankee rivalry gets all the attention, then one of his aids pipes up saying “Hey Buck, let’s be absolute pricks to the Sox, then maybe ESPN will do tons of specials on us!”

Yeah that’s how it probably happened, I bet they have dart boards with the Boston “B” logo and everything plastered through their clubhouse. I wouldn’t put it past good old Buck, that guy is just plain awful.

So if you hear me hissing with all I’ve got at the O’s, that’s why.