Hanley Ramirez arrives to Spring Training, thinner and ready

Posted on Feb 18 2016 - 7:30am by Tyler Scionti

(021315 Ft. Myers, Fl) Boston Red Sox left fielder Hanley Ramirez gets some outfield practice in at Jet Blue Park in Fort Myers Fla. on Friday, February 13, 2015. The Boston Red Sox had an unofficial workout at Jet Blue Park before spring training starts in a few weeks. (Logan Newell/Special to the Boston Herald)

The Red Sox’ resident fat a$$, well one of them anyway, has arrived. That’s right, Hanley Ramirez, the man we are counting on to man first base is here.

Though pitchers and catcher’s are supposed to report until Thursday Feb 18, pretty much the entire Sox roster, well everyone who gives a crap, is already down in Florida prepping for the season. Given how atrocious they were in 2016, I think that’s a smart move.

So far HanRam has done his best to integrate himself into the mix as he makes his return to the infield. The “first baseman” took some BP and fielding reps and by all accounts feels good.

“If I stay on the field the whole season, 150-plus games, good things can happen,” Ramirez said. “And the goal is to go to the playoffs first. That’s the first goal.”

Tell me though Hanley, define good things. Is it nerdy kid on prom night good or, well, actually good? Cause I’m a little confused.

Hanley remarked on his physique as well, highlighting his new workout program from his Miami home that has him coming in with more muscle than he is used to–cause hey, we can’t be a tub of crisco forever. In all seriousness though, I’m glad that Hanley has shown some improvements since last season and don’t doubt that his success will be pivotal to how well the Sox do.

The real important thing for him is that his shoulder, which he injured crashing into the wall chasing down a pop foul, has healed and his power numbers should, hopefully, be back up.

Make no mistake about it, if Hanley bats .250 and is god-awful at first it will cost the Sox; the best thing for him is to bat north of .280 with 20 homers and play adequate defense. Given that we got by with Mike Napoli, I’ll take that.

Though from what Hanley says, it seems that adequate defense isn’t the goal, he’s going for the Gold Glove.

Ok easy there Hanley, let’s just start with picking balls out of the dirt.