Hanley bunting

Posted on May 16 2016 - 6:59am by Xander Clarke


On Saturday with Sox legend David Ortiz the winning run at third with two outs all Hanley Ramirez needed to do was get a base hit.

Hanley has been doing well both offensively and defensively so far this year, which had been a big comeback from a down year last season. Hanley also showed poor judgement last season, but has been pretty solid this year especially on the basepaths.

Although Hanley was hitting .313 with 22 RBIs as the number five hitter, Hanley decided to bunt. No one in the stands saw it coming. Hanley was thrown out by Astros catcher Jason Castro and Ortiz was left 90 feet from a 9th inning walk off as the Sox went into extras.

It wasn’t even a good bunt, it was short and an easy play for Castro as the Sox missed their chance in the ninth.

Hanley defended his decision to bunt after the game:

“I didn’t need a double, triple or home run, I just needed a base hit to bring Papi home,” he said. “Everyone was playing back. If I get it down, he would have scored.” “It’s not that big of a deal,” he added. “If I had got that bunt down between the pitcher and first baseman, he would have scored easier.” (WEEI)

Farrell addressed the media as well after the game.

“He saw something that maybe only he saw with looking to push a bunt past [Luke] Gregerson, who is on the mound at that time,” Farrell said. “We were kind of hopeful he might swing the bat and drive a run in” (WEEI)

Hanley does have four stolen bases this year however he doesn’t have enough speed to be regularly beating out infield hits. And even if Ortiz could have crossed the plate HanRam still would have needed to be safe at first making it an extremely risky play.

Luckily the Hanleys decision did not affect the outcome of the game. The Red Sox still won, on a walk off double by David Ortiz who finished just a single away from the cycle.