Green Monster Bar open in Atlanta home

Posted on Dec 21 2013 - 1:27pm by Tyler Scionti

This story is pretty cool and takes some serious dedication, but would you really expect anything less from Sox fans? A Boston Red Sox Fan living in Atlanta built his own Green Monster Bar, a fit to replication of the same one the Red Sox bomb home runs over.

Okay maybe not a complete replica, but take a way some advertisements and a few seats, any everything else seems to be spot on. Besides, the Green Monster Paint is the real deal, having come from Ohio and costing $70 Dollars for a gallon. I guess if you live in Atlanta and can’t stand the Braves, this is as close to feeling at Fenway Park as you can get without actually being there.

Take a look for yourself, but hopefully soon this can be supplemented with a Television, a recliner, a beer and a Fenway frank if possible.

As dedicated as this is, lets hope this guy does not get too crazy with it. Not sure if re-enacting a David Ortiz home run moonshot or a outfield wall crash like Daniel Nava with a baseball, or more likely a beer, would be a good idea.

This is however just another example of how dedicated and creative Red Sox fans really are. No wonder they have the best fans in baseball.