Gordon Rhodes Bio

Posted on Feb 7 2015 - 7:41am by Patrick Coyne

Gordon Rhodes was a pitcher who spent four seasons pitching for the Red Sox during the 1930s. Born on August 11, 1907 in Winnemucca, Nevada, Rhodes began his seven-year career in the majors with the New York Yankees in 1929.

As a pitcher, Rhodes was mediocre at best, though that is a stretch. In his career, he was a sub .500 pitcher with regards to wins and losses and had a .485 career ERA.

In three seasons with the Yankees he went 7-9, and during the 1932 season he was traded to Boston on August 1st for Wilcy Moore.

During the rest of that season, Rhodes went 1-8. The following season he posted twelve wins but also fifteen losses and a .403 ERA. In 1934 Rhodes posted twelve wins again, and though he finished with fewer losses, also twelve, he saw an increase in his ERA to 4.56.

1934 was Rhodes’s final season with the club. After going 2-10 he was traded with George Savino and $150,000 to the Philadelphia Athletics for Jimmie Foxx and Johnny Marcum in a trade that any Sox fan would argue their own club got the better end of.

Rhodes spent one year with the Athletics and finished his career there. After going 9-20 and thus posting a career high in losses, it was time for the righty to retire. His last game came on September 7th of that season when Rhodes was 29 years old.

He was not great, though in his career he did throw 47 complete games and made 200 appearances, including 135 starts. For a pitcher, he was not a bad batter either, hitting .194 in 356 at-bats with two homeruns and 34 RBIs. You can see his full career stats here:




On March 22, 1960 Rhodes passed away in Long Beach, California at the age of 52.