Globe reaches new low as reporters are delivering the papers

Posted on Jan 3 2016 - 9:30am by Tyler Scionti

Dark times have come upon the city of Boston my friends, the Boston Globe is nowhere in site for countless Massachusetts residents, and no one knows when the madness will end.

Still waiting for my damn paper….


Seriously though this went from haha to straight up pathetic, and it gets even worse…

According to a Globe reporter and employee, fellow journalists are waking up at 4am to hand deliver the papers because their delivery system is so pathetically incompetent.


I think this sums up the kind of leadership we have at our venerable newspaper:


Having journalists deliver the paper…really Boston Globe, really? Print media is dying, everyone is jumping off the ship and you are pretty much nailing yourself into a coffin. It’s not even that, you’re volunteering to dig the grave, hold the service, and write the obituary… in an online blog that people actually read because, well, it’s not failing to be delivered to their doorstep.

Good luck recovering from this.