First Week Updates- Greg

Posted on Apr 14 2016 - 9:56am by Greg Gisolfi



So I never submitted awards picks at the end of Spring Training, but I did have some picked, and some of them look hella-different now, a week into the season, than they did at the end of March. It’s obviously just mere speculation in mid-April, but it’s just funny how things can take a dramatic turn after a week of action. I’m sure it will look even more different in a week from today! Think of these as “First Week Winners”. Take a look!

American League Rookie of The Year

Pre-Season Pick: Byron Buxton– Minnesota Twins.

First Week Update: Nomar Mazara– Texas Rangers

National League Rookie of The Year

Pre-Season Pick: Steven Matz– New York Mets

First Week Update: Kenta Maeda– Los Angeles Dodgers

American League Cy Young

Pre-Season Pick: David Price– Boston Red Sox

First Week Update: Cole Hamels– Texas Rangers

National League Cy Young

Pre Season Pick: Zack Greinke– Arizona Diamondbacks

First Week Update: Noah Syndergaard– New York Mets

American League Most Valuable Player

Pre-Season Pick: Mike Trout– Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

First Week Update: Starlin Castro– New York Yankees

National League Most Valuable Player

Pre-Season Pick: Kris Bryant– Chicago Cubs

First Week Update: Buster Posey– San Francisco Giants

These are almost guaranteed to change, but after watching the first week of MLB games, this is who I think is deserving of the prestigious awards. Did I leave anyone out? Let me know!