Farrell, Sox ready to get 2016 going

Posted on Apr 4 2016 - 5:19pm by Austin Johnson


According to reports from the Boston Herald, John Farrell believes that the Red Sox are ready to begin the season

“We’re ready,” Farrell said yesterday after the Sox beat the Blue Jays, 7-4, to finish their spring with a 14-18 record. “We’re ready to begin the season. That means there’s a journey ahead that we’ll get thrown some things that might be unexpected, some bumps and twists along the way. How we respond to those as a team is what matters most.”

In seasons past for Boston, the Red Sox haven’t always been so peachy. However this group is a little bit different.

“But the way our players came and worked every day and the energy they brought each and every day, their attention to detail, that’s been outstanding.” said Farrell. “I think we’ve seen a group that’s somewhat grown together and become a little bit more close as we begin on Monday. This is a special group of guys. Happy and proud to be a part of it.”

Of course John Farrell has a greater appreciation for life than most of us. At the end of 2015, Farrell infamously was diagnosed with lymphoma and had to miss the last nine weeks of the season to begin chemotherapy. A small change in his perspective has lead to big changes for the Red Sox. He turned Pablo Sandoval into the world’s most expensive bench warmer, and Rusney Castillio into a fifth outfielder.

Farrell has admitted his battle with cancer has impacted his decisions.

“I don’t know that I’m a different person,” he said. “Sure I’ve got a different set of experiences and a different roster as well but I think that’s what allows you to take advantage of the guys on your roster. I know a lot has been made of the sense of urgency I mentioned early in camp. There’s always a sense of urgency here in Boston. But I’m looking forward to the start of things.”

Farrell again admitted he has a different perspective.

“I think when you flirt with your own mortality that can cause you to push pause and think about where you are and what’s at hand,” he said. “Hopefully you guys don’t have to come back from cancer. So when you overcome that, yeah, there’s a completely different view of every day when you come into work. It’s met with a much greater sense of gratitude toward the daily things.”

Baseball aside, I am glad that Farrell survived. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t on the hot seat for the Red Sox. After back-to-back disappointments, Farrell will have to come up huge or pack his bags.