Farrell back next season if healthy

Posted on Oct 1 2015 - 4:03pm by Tyler Scionti


For those worrying over John Farrell fear no more.

The Sox skipper went down late in the summer with cancer and has been undergoing Chemotherapy since; fortunately it was caught in time that it was treatable but as we all know cancer is a serious business. That doesn’t mean Farrell has been off his feet though, rather he is looking ahead to 2016 as he hopes to rejoin the Sox.

The Sox brass have announced that if Farrell is up to the job, it is his—which for me is pretty welcome news. Though Farrell has had mixed results in 2015 he was a maestro with the team in 2013 and honestly was saddled with a crappy team this year and last.

With fresh blood on the field and a roster that is largely under 25 years old and hungry for wins I have no doubt Farrell can see some success back at the helm next season. Our thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family, we look forward to having him back!

Meanwhile he must be having fun watching the Sox do so well, they’ve won six in a row and are looking for win No. 7 tonight against NY, so cheer them on!