Fan objects to cheering–now I’ve heard everything

Posted on Nov 25 2013 - 1:50pm by Tyler Scionti

Ok so we all get that the Cubs stink, it’s never fun to go to the ballpark to watch your team lose 200 games each year (or what feels like it). Added to that having some kid run around screaming her head off is never fun, but this elder fan took his frustrations a bit too far–talk about sucking the fun out of going to the ball game right?

Natalie Adorno is like any kid, she loves baseball and she loves to be loud. In fact, little Natalie is so well known for her constant support and cheering that plenty of the Cubs players and even the owners know her by name. So suffice it to say that she is a pretty big deal, maybe even bigger than the Cubbies themselves (just kidding on that one).

While most people think it’s cute (or whatever) to see a kid so happy just to be at a ball game, one fan saw her joy and just had to go and ruin things cause that’s what bitter people do. One fan was so offended by Natalie’s cheering that he walked up to her father and requested he tell his daughter to stop cheering. He then took it one step further, taking his cause to Twitter (cause why not?).

“Not all of us fans appreciate your constant yelling at the games,” he tweeted. “Please stop, it’s annoying.”

The team officials stepped in, saying perhaps it wouldn’t be a good idea to run through the isles due to safety reasons but we all know who is in the wrong here. Honestly, if you want peace and quiet then stay at home with no one around, otherwise accept that there will be noise and annoying kids around you in any public place. And please sir never come to Fenway, you’ll absolutely hate it.