Famous CITGO sign for sale

Posted on Jan 21 2016 - 10:31am by Tyler Scionti


The iconic CITGO sign, the unofficially official beacon for the Red Sox and the bright marker in the night sky for inebriated BU students is for sale.

Well, technically not really.

BU currently owns a great deal of building space in the Kenmore area, including the giant Barnes and Nobles upon which the famous CITGO sign rests. Hoping to cash in on the skyrocketing realestate prices, because why not, BU is selling off packages of space (334,000 sq feet to be exact) in order to bring in some big bucks.

So it seems that whoever bids the highest will get to own a piece of Boston history, as odd a choice as it is. I guess I better empty my piggy bank, shouldn’t be that expensive right??

I just hope the Barnes and Nobles stays, that’s one of my favorite in the city (it’s also nice to buy a book and then grab a coffee and read at the Starbucks across the street by Kenmore station (that may be one of my unofficial blogging locations)). Even moresso though, I hope that whoever buys the building decides to keep it as is and doesn’t just tear it down, with the sign along with it, to sell $3k/month studio apartments.